Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Sale at Vintage Heaven

This Saturday and Sunday I will be selling my finds at Vintage Heaven. I'm one of their many featured sellers, there's a little interview with me too.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The art fair

At the Glencoe Art Fair selling jewelry handcrafted by my aunt Ala Jaron. I'm modeling the pieces from her new collection titled "Shield". I'm wearing a vintage vest that I have since elementary school (!), no name skirt and my favorite green leather sandals which I got from my grandmother. My grandfather ordered these for her together with a beautiful handbag. I love the quality of them, they are handmade and very comfortable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The dog days

A little late again, but I like the effects in the photos with the house. As far as the outfit is concerned, it is by far one of my favorite dresses. It was thrifted, and you could see that no one wore it because it had the paper label still on. It's from the 60's I believe and made of cotton, which makes it a great thing for dog days. It also has one special feature (cannot be seen in these photos) which is an open back. I love to wear it with lots of turquoise jewelry.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's begin

Let's finally begin...
Well, it's not a standard first post I had meaning to write but I finally have to begin. It's been so long that I've been wanting to set up this blog... Back in 2006 I started a blog with my sister, called Urban Chic that was devoted mainly to our handmade jewelry. However, neither she nor I were consequent in posting. Hopefully, with this one it will be different and it will bring me lots of fun.

Fashion, art, and crafts were my true interest since childhood. I kept my own notebook with clothes and jewelry designs. In the 1990s, when no one would think taking outfit photos would be a popular past time, I did photo sessions with my sister and my mom in which I would model the outfits styled by me (I think I should scan some of the pics one day). My grand-parents were both tailors, my aunt is a jewelry designer and a metalsmith, so being surrounded by all that somehow inclined me toward what I am passionate about.

Here are just a few photos from a vintage sale at Vintage Heaven that took place on July 3rd at which I was helping my friends to sell some clothes and accessories. I'm going to participate in the next big sale at the end of this month. I have lots of good stuff that needs to find its new owners. I will be posting some of these clothes.

Oh, and a few words about my outfit here. I am wearing a skirt that used to be a dress. It was a wedding present that my aunt got from one of her dear friends. It is from the 40s, made of silk. Unfortunately, the dress started coming into pieces and needed to be made into skirt but now even the skirt is very fragile and it needs some repair desperately. However, no matter what it's one of my favorite vintage pieces. The rest of the outfit is very plain, cotton blouse and cotton flats. I'm also wearing chunky coral necklace made by me.
Ok, I guess this is it for the first post.