Friday, February 4, 2011

February Flyer

Finally, the February flyer with me as a model, haha. It's been up on Vintage Heaven for a while now, but this didn't diminish my excitement about the whole thing.

Here is the info about the project:

I am wearing designs by uber talented Alma Wieser from her latest Futurism collection, which I just love. But this dress is gorgeous and truly exceptional. I love how the sash breaks it. And the hat, I'm mad about hats ;-)

The photo was taken by the lovely Isadora Giallorenzo at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, in Chicago.
Isa and Alma are a duo behind Vintage Heaven sales.

Info about the sculpture:
artist: Mychajlo Urban
American, born Luka, Ukraine, 1928
Untitled (n.d.)
Stainless steel

And here are my thoughts when I saw the flyer for the first time:

"I am honored to be on this flyer. This is so great, especially that the theme of modern, minimalist, artsy look is right up my alley.
I love how different this postcard looks. The contrast of black and grey; the modern
font; "dressing outside the box" juxtaposed with the sculpture.
Isa, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this project!!!
Alma, thank you so much for your beautiful designs!!!"

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  1. You look lovely and the designs are fabulous...